✴︎  Do you feel like there is never enough money for you? 

✴︎  Do you feel stressed and anxious over the thought of money running out? 

✴︎  Does logging into your online banking fill you with dread?   

✴︎  Have you tried all the things but nothing seems to work for you? 

✴︎  Are the bills you yet need to pay constantly on your mind?

✴︎  Do you feel like you have to work your ass off to make money? 

✴︎  Has money been the reason for why you haven't been able to experience what you want in life?

✴︎  Have you been noticing the same patterns repeating themselves in your life? Like unexpected bills showing up when you've managed to save some extra money?  

✴︎  Do you feel like money is only for the few lucky ones, and that you're not one of them?


This used to be me for so long. Growing up I constantly heard from well-meaning adults that money doesn't grow on trees, rich people are greedy and should pay more taxes and that one needed to save for the rainy day and to not spend too much money, I had so many scarcity beliefs and stories ingrained in me. 

I felt so limited around money, like there was never enough. I used to try to avoid looking at my money situation. I was dreading of the thought of logging into my online bank. I tried to avoid opening letters at all cost, because what if it was yet another bill? Right when I did manage to save up a couple of hundreds or thousands, an unexpected bill showed up and wiped away all of my savings!

Money was constantly on my mind. I was planning what I could purchase and what I could not, as well as when to pay for my bills. I had tied so many feelings to money that I consciously was not even aware of. I felt resentment, anger, fear and frustration towards money. Why could I not earn more? Why did I never have enough money to be able to afford all the things and experiences I wanted to purchase?

Looking back now I understand why money did not want to show up for me and why I never had money. It wasn't until years later, when I had my enough -moment and I decided to take my financial situation in my own hands and enrolled in several life-changing self-development programs that my life and money situation took a turnaround. Over these years I made deep changes to my mindset that have completely changed how money responds to me. For the longest time I did not want to admit to myself that money was just responding to my thoughts, beliefs and feelings about it - and that my financial situation was completely in my hands. That meant that I wasn't a victim of my current financial situation, but rather the creator of it. For so long I was blaming the current world economy or the taxes for my financial situation - until I took my power back. 

Here's the thing... 

Money makes the world go round... not a single day goes by that we don't come in contact with money in one way or another. Either spending money, receiving money from someone or using an item that was once purchased with money.

This is something I did not want to admit to myself for the longest time: that yes, indeed, money is a mindset game. That our beliefs about money are directly connected to our current financial situation - and they determine how much money we actually make, spend, save and invest. 

Most of our money beliefs and stories are formed during our early years. They were formed from what we heard about money growing up, like you have to work hard for your money and rich people are greedy, as well as from how we saw our parents and caregivers behave around money. 

Your experiences with money help form beliefs around money and in turn shape your reality. This is deep inner work, where you do see results if you put in the work. What you can expect is to shift your beliefs around money, release old stories around money and how money doesn't grow on trees and you're just not one of those people. It's time to learn how to manifest money with ease, and how to enjoy the money and keep it. It's time to feel abundant, expanded and joyful around money.

Your financial experiences are not your fault, but they are your responsibility. On an unconscious level you’ve been sending off beliefs and thoughts (your unconscious mindset) that have led you to get the results in life that you now have. The beautiful thing is that by changing your beliefs and your mindset about money - your financial experiences will change, too! Your thoughts that money is scarce and that there is never enough will soon be a memory from the past. As you revamp your lack money mindset to one of abundance, your outer reality cannot help but change in your favor.

Money Magic Manifestation is not just another money mindset course - and it's definitely not only about money


It's a complete transformational journey that will help you shift from being overworked, frustrated and barely getting by - to the abundant version of yourself that you know you were always meant to be, to unlock financial abundance and create the life of your dreams! This is the only course you will ever need when it comes to manifesting your dream life.

From my experience working with hundreds of souls, I've noticed a pattern. Some of them have been amazing at manifesting their dream partner, dream home or dream career - but when it has come to manifesting more money they've struggled. There is an emotional charge when it comes to money because it's associated with our survival, security and safety. When you learn how to master your money mindset and manifest more money and abundance to you - you will thereafter be able to call in whatever your heart desires!

Here's the truth... 

When you're aligned with the frequency of your desires and tapped into the universal flow, it doesn't matter what job you have, what you're doing on a daily basis or how much you're spending. Your desires will flow into your life.

I am not your typical Mindset + Manifestation Coach. My approach to manifesting your desires is different. 

You might have enrolled into manifestation courses before, done the inner work and tried out different manifestation practices, but without any results and very little to show for the countless of hours you put into saying your affirmations every morning, building your vision board and sitting on your coach visualizing. 

I won't tell you that all you have to do to manifest your desires is to visualize, say your affirmations and think positive thoughts and stay high-vibe. Because that's just not how it works. I mean if it did, you wouldn't be here right now, right?

My unique approach to manifestation is about completely rewiring your subconscious mind. It's about tackling everything that's going on beneath the surface - because your subconscious mind is responsible for creating 95% of your reality. My manifestation approach also takes into consideration that every person is unique - and so every person has a unique manifestation process that works for them. I see my approach as more sustainable, yet super effective. All long-lasting change happens from within and from embodiment and identity work. Manifesting your dream life can be easy, and I am dedicated to show you just how easy and fun it can be. I've broken everything down into simple, digestible steps for you to implement into your daily life. The whole process will feel like a home coming to who you were always meant to be on this planet. Because you are meant to be abundant and successful.

Your past is unconsciously creating your reality... unless you become aware. 

Imagine if you could...

✔️ Manifest more money, abundance, success and wealth in your life than you ever knew possible

✔️ Strip off all the limiting beliefs and thoughts around money that are keeping you broke and overworked

✔️ Clear all manifesting blocks so that your desires can flow to you easily and effortlessly

✔️ Open up your energy to receive more

✔️ Discover how the energy of money really works so that you can attract, earn, save and invest money like it's no big deal

✔️ Speed up the manifesting process by getting into alignment with your desires according to your unique Human Design

✔️ Discover your unique manifestation style so that you can attract exactly what it is you want without doubting or questioning if you're doing it right

✔️ Learn exactly how reality is created and the universal forces at play so that you can be the co-creator with the universe and have absolute faith in the process

✔️ Be honest with yourself about what you truly desire in life and then moved on to pursue them

✔️ Move past perceived roadblocks and limitations fast

✔️ Finally step into the inner rich version of yourself and unlock financial abundance




What if you could attract money with ease and certainty, no matter what the world looks like?


You will receive access to module one immediately!

You have lifetime access to the course material and to all future updates.


The 6 Core Modules

Each module includes video content of 50+ minutes and a playbook to help you create shifts immediately and start seeing results now!



Introduction to manifestation and some energetic principles. Gaining clarity around what you truly desire and creating a yummy and powerful vision for you that will undoubtedly manifest. Getting your subconscious mind on board with your new vision and breathing life into the vision so that manifesting becomes more effortless for you! 

MODULE 2    

 Deep dive into what money really is and the energetics of money. Getting to the root of your financial struggles and discovering the subconscious money beliefs and stories that have kept you stuck in the same financial cycles and blocked your manifestations. Healing your relationship with money through your entire system (mind, body, energy and emotions) and healing your money wounds. Cleaning up your vibration around money and learning one of the most powerful energies for transformation. How to deal with negative thoughts and process emotions in a healthy way.


How your reality is created and understanding how the mind works. Introducing the most effective tools to reprogram your subconscious mind. Recoding your inner world and reprogramming your money beliefs and stories. Transforming your relationship with money for good and creating a new reality.

 MODULE 4    

Discovering your unique manifestation process and how you are meant to be successful and manifest your dreams (this is your permission slip to own who you are, because you are unique!) Learn how you're uniquely designed to tap into and connect with your desires and how to quickly shift back into alignment with want you want. Learn how to easily manifest according to your Human Design.  


Massively shift your identity with powerful embodiment practices. Quantum leap into your desired reality now. Calling in money through shifting your vibration and becoming an energetic match for money. Setting new standards for how money works for you on a daily basis. Dealing with speed bumps and speeding up the manifestation process.


Maintaining money and feeling safe with it. Holding the energy of abundance, even when you feel otherwise. Gaining absolute certainty and faith in the process. Energetic principles for mastering money manifestation. The other universal laws nobody talks about (that are just as potent). Listening to your intuition (your way) and take the inspired action. Let go and surrender to your desires. 


💸 6 Transformational Weekly Modules. Video lessons that contain everything you need to know to transform your relationship with money and manifest more money and abundance than you ever thought possible.

💸 6 Transformational Weekly Playbooks, for you to dive deep into the inner work and create the new financially free reality you deserve!

💸 Access to the Ultimate Manifestation Library, with embodiment, energetic and healing practices. Practices to guide you deeper into yourself. Tools for alignment, elevating your energy, raising your vibration, releasing resistance, gaining certainty and so much more! Here are just a few:

💸 Powerful Ripping Out the Root Meditation, for you to release the subconscious root of your money struggles (this normally stems from childhood).

💸 Powerful Guided Breathwork Journeys for you to let go of what no longer serves you and to breathe life into your vision.

💸  Money Meditations & Hypnosis Audios for overcoming limiting beliefs and stories and reprogramming your subconscious mind for abundance and wealth!

💸 Tapping for Abundance + Money. As a certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner I'll show you one of the most powerful ways to release any money blocks or resistance during the manifestation process.


💸 Your Unique Human Design Blueprint to come home to who you were always meant to be and manifest according to your unique design.

💸 Magical Morning. A powerful practice for you to incorporate into your mornings, to start off on the right foot. 

💸 Skyrocket Your Self-Worth Training to help you understand self-worth and how it plays a role in your financial situation, money mindset and your manifestations. You'll get a powerful meditation and tapping journeys that will reprogram you subconscious mind and help you remember your innate worth. So often our unworthiness holds us back from receiving more money and manifesting what we truly desire.

💸 Creating Your Vision Board or Dream Board Guidebooks on how to send your desires out into the universe and fire up your mind the right way so that your desires actually manifest into your reality.


I used to be able to manifest everything else but money. During the first weeks of the course I realized that I had a lot of unhelpful beliefs holding me back. This course changed my life. I have now manifested thousands of dollars. I am a different person and my mindset has completely changed.

- Jessica
My life has completely changed since working with Paulina. I felt stuck in life and didn’t believe I could achieve my goals. After working with her I manifested my dream job. I feel abundant in all areas of my life now and I can feel deep peace and joy within myself for the first time in years.

- Lena
I cannot thank you enough Paulina. Beyond grateful for you and your support and for creating this safe space. What an amazing journey it has been. I have never been so excited to keep going and continue to stepping into the new and better version of myself every day.

- Julie

Ready to become the conscious creator of your life and manifest money with ease?


$555 USD




$333 USD

x2 monthly payments 



 Working with Paulina has been truly life changing! Before finding her many things were triggering and upsetting me. I had been meditating but not regularly. Already after a few sessions I felt so light and free. I cannot even describe the feeling because I've never felt this free before!! We worked on releasing my blocks and triggers and she gave me a simple technique to eliminate triggers that I use at home anytime I need. I've discovered so many mindset & manifestation techniques to apply to my own daily practices. If you are ready to take the next step towards your dream life, book her!

 - Lara
Paulina is an amazing coach and everyone who works with her will be transformed into a new person. She helped me overcome so many limiting beliefs around money and helped me see things differently. I walked away feeling empowered and motivated to go for my dreams. She made me feel so confident in my abilities.

 - Denise
It has been life-changing to work with Paulina. I’ve gained the confidence to continue on pursuing my goals and I feel more than capable to so. She believing in me helped me take my power back. She made me feel supported, loved, uplifted and cared for. I’ve tapped into a level of peace and certainty I didn’t know existed.

- Ashley



Refunds are not available for this digital course. You get what you put in! I am confident in the methods and strategies I teach in my courses. If you show up fully and do the work you will see results.

This course is a self-study course, where one module will be opened up each week. You have lifetime access to this course so you can take the course at your own pace! You can even go through the course several times. 

I can’t tell you how to spend your money. Let me ask you this: can you afford not to change your situation? If you're not quite sure yet about going all in on your dream life and investing in yourself at a higher level, the 60 Magic Manifestation Session or the 3 Days Expansion are perfect for you! These are shorter than Monthly Coaching Container but still very transformative and powerful! They will definitely move you in the right direction.

Yes! This is a perfect fit for you if you are just getting started with manifestation. This course will cover all of the basics and then go deeper. This is the only manifestation course you will ever need to manifest your desires, whether it's your dream vacation, dream car, dream home or a partner. Once you learn the universal laws and energetic principles, you can apply them to manifest anything in your life.

Yes! This course does not only cover the basics and set the foundation you need to manifest anything in your life, but will go much deeper to release subconscious beliefs, reprogram your mind and shift your identity on a subconscious level. You'll also learn powerful tools and practices to raise your vibration and release resistance at any time!

Many people have done this work and had immediate results and felt an internal shift after declaring that they were finally ready to create a new financial reality. What you put in is what you get. 99% of this work is deep inner work.

Absolutely! We dive deep into debt, shifting your perspective around it and aligning yourself to pay it off. We clear the emotional charge around having debt, like shame and guilt.

Awesome! Email [email protected] and we will be in touch soon!