Custom Hypnotic Track


This is beyond reciting affirmations like "my specific person is head over heels in love with me and only has eyes for me" over and over again. Because the reason you still don't have the version of your person that you want is because you've been doing mediocre techniques like repeating affirmations.


  • A 30-minute CLARITY Consult where we get clear on what the ideal version of your person is and the changes you want to make within them and your relationship

  • A CUSTOMIZED hypnotic track to manifest the EXACT version of your specific person or partner 


In short, hypnosis is the ability to bypass the critical mind (the one with all the mind chatter) in order to put in new POWERFUL suggestions into the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis is the fastest way to create long-lasting changes in your reality, or have your person show up the EXACT way you want.

Which for you means... you get to be guided through a hypnotic journey as we let the subconscious mind make profound shifts and changes.

Whether you want to...

Secure commitment and have your person ready to invest in the relationship with you and put that beautiful ring on your finger now

Lean back into your feminine energy as you let your specific person finally take the lead and PURSUE you more and move the relationship forward, with fancy dinners and surprise dates

Be CHOSEN as the first & ONLY OPTION by the person you desire - where they find you irresistibly sexy and only have eyes for you

Receive open communication from your person where they share their deepest thoughts and emotions with you


If you could program your mind to believe and feel anything with certainty, what kind of love story would you create for yourself?


After purchasing your customized hypnosis audio, you will be prompted to send me the details of your current situation and how your person is currently showing up for you (or not showing up), and the changes you want to make within your person and how you want to feel

We will then have a CLARITY Consultation, where you get to share with me what your current situation with your person looks like and we dive deeper into creating the ideal version of your person. I will use these as suggestions for your customized hypnotic track so that it becomes 50x more effective

After 2-3 weeks you will receive your customized hypnotic track, with lifetime access

After purchase you will receive a confirmation email with all the practical details. You will also receive a questionnaire to fill out before your Clarity Consultation and Customized Hypnotic Track. There are no refunds.

** I am a certified Mindset & Manifestation Coach and I am certified in many powerful modalities like NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), TIME Techniques, Hypnotherapy, EFT - Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Breathwork. My private coaching is truly transformational because I incorporate a unique and powerful blend of modern science-based manifestation practices with neuroplasticity and energetics.

$490.00 USD

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