We have been so conditioned to be a version of ourselves that we think others want us to be, because of our human core desire of wanting to be accepted and feel like we belong. So much so that we have learnt to hide who we truly are at our core and started to apologise for our true desires.

In this 5-day course you're going to learn to become unapologetically you, which means to stop apologising, stop settling for less than you know you deserve, raise your motherfucking standards and start acting in alignment with YOUR TRUTH.

This is a deep dive into the inner world where we will be working with the subconscious mind. When you live in accordance with your truth, there's nothing to feel sorry for. When you start showing up without shame, guilt and despite the fear, that's how you radiate personal power. When you show up as your true authentic self you'll be able to have a bigger impact on other people. It all starts with your energy - with you. Because everything around you is just responding to your energy.



Did you know that the belief of not being worthy is a root belief that manifests into almost all other beliefs that you have? The most often unconscious belief of not being worthy has influenced so many areas of your life up until this point - what is the cost of you still holding onto this belief and letting it affect your future too!? Once we knock down this single belief of not being worthy (can also translate into not being deserving) it's going to act like a domino effect that simultaneously knocks down other beliefs.

This course was designed to give you the magic of two of the most powerful techniques out there to reprogram your subconscious mind and radically shift all areas of your life: T.I.M.E. Techniques™ and EFT™ (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Self-worth and feeling worthy begin on the subconscious level and for this reason, these techniques are so effective.

If you're ready to take the power back of your life and eliminate this limiting belief once and for all and to transform all areas of your life, this course is for YOU!

Step Into Your Next Level Self

Powerful guided visualization to stepping into the version of yourself who already has your desires and is already living your dream life. It's time to embody her now. 


Forgiveness Meditation

Open your heart chakra with this powerful guided forgiveness meditation. Forgive yourself and forgive other people who have done you wrong in the past. Based on the ancient Hawaiian reconciliation and forgiveness practice called Ho'oponopono.  


Skyrocket Your Self-Worth 

The ultimate breathwork meditation to boost your self-worth so that you can step into your power. Boosting your self-worth will improve the quality of your life because you'll feel more confident in your own skin and show up more as your authentic self. 


Manifestation Breathwork Journey 

This is a powerful manifestation practice that consists of a comprehensive manifestation guidebook + a 50 minute guided breathwork meditation. This one will definitely not leave you hanging! Your journey to manifest your desires starts here!