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This is the corner of the online space where we delve into the REAL tools necessary to attract a loving, fulfilling relationship with your special person. Our approach is backed by science and blends neuroscience, quantum physics, and neuro-plasticity to help you manifest your specific person.

Through our cutting-edge processes, you will explore how to magnetize your love life from within, beginning with transforming your internal identity. 

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Hi, I'm Paulina

I'm your favorite global Manifestation Coach and Love Hypnotist. I have spent the last years helping thousands women (and men) to attract their fuck YES relationships with their specific person or soulmate love.

I'm the host of the top rated Manifesting Simplified - Podcast and I'm known for my grounded and practical approach to manifestation.

The power to get everything you want in love and life lies within you: your subconscious mind. Because your outside only reflects your inside, and I'm here to bring you the most powerful and scientifically proven manifestation tools for upgrading your subconscious mind and your self concept.


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