Ready to manifest your desired reality? I'm here to simplify manifestation for you and guide you into your next level life in the most easiest and fastest way possible. My passion is to help you remember your power! You deserve to feel empowered, abundant and truly free. 



Ready to design your desired reality and manifest your desires rapidly? I'm here to guide you into your next level life and live according to your unique Human Design. My passion is to help you remember your power! You deserve to feel empowered, abundant and truly free. 


Hi, I'm Paulina! 

I am a certified Manifestation Coach here to guide you to step into your power and into your next level. I'm passionate about helping you manifest money, love and your dream career/business by embodying your next level self, reprogramming your subconscious mind and aligning with your unique Human Design. 

You are uniquely designed to do life and show up in the world in a way only you can and once you learn how to live in alignment with your unique design that's when magic starts to happen.

I am certified in many powerful modalities like NLP, TIME Techniques, Hypnotherapy, EFT Tapping and Breathwork. My private coaching and online programs are truly transformational because I incorporate a unique and powerful blend of Modern Manifestation practices, energetic and embodiment work, Human Design and tools that work directly on the subconscious mind.  

My real magic is to get you to slow down in life and tune into the present moment, so that you can accelerate to your next level.


Where you are right now doesn't matter, because you can shift into your desired reality in an instant!

Ready to design life on your terms?   

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Ready to Manifest Your Specific Person?

The 4 steps to quickly manifest your specific person or soulmate love into your life.

Ready to Manifest Money?

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Working with Paulina has been truly life changing! I've discovered so many mindset & manifestation techniques to apply to my own daily practices. If you are ready to take the next step towards your dream life, book her!


- Jessica

Working with her 1:1 was a great experience! It got me more involved with me and more in tune with my feelings. It helped me over come my fears and limiting beliefs. I would definitely recommend to others!

- Kendra

Paulina really knows what she's doing and she knows the right questions to ask to go deep and find the root cause. She helped me release dozens of old beliefs and stories that stopped me from taking action. I'm much more focused and confident in my next steps now.


- Lara

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