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Manifest Your Specific Person within 21 Days ❤️

You're tired of waiting for them to be back... why is it taking so long? You're done doing trendy tricks and saying affirmations, as you realize they don't work. You want a proven process to manifest your specific person or ex back, that works no matter what circumstances or what happened in the past. It's time to forgive the past hurt between you, stop questioning what's wrong with you because nothing has been working and have your specific person come running back to you -  manifest your happily ever after loving, fulfilling, fuck YES relationship with your person

- All you have to do is say YES!


Transform Your
Self Concept in Love

Did you know that your self concept controls what you're getting in love? Your self concept is the self-image with a set of beliefs and stories about yourself that your subconscious mind holds onto, that determines what you get in life. It controls the kind of treatment you get from your person and whether you're able to sustain a long-term relationship or it's short-lived. You can only ever manifest to the edge of your self concept... If you struggle to manifest what you want, it's not a manifesting technique problem, it's a self concept problem. This self-paced program will walk you through the exact process to elevate your self concept so you can change your specific person into the ideal version and get the exact treatment you want. It's time to create the relationship of your dreams.


Stop the Spiral

You see angel numbers and your person's name everywhere, but seeing no movement with your person makes you spiral. You know you need to stop emotionally reacting to your current circumstances and keep your mind in control in order to manifest your person... but how the fuck do you do that when you see the third party and you're still blocked!? It's time to take control of your mind: clear intrusive thoughts, say goodbye to feeling anxious, stop worrying and obsessing over your person. Forget about flipping thoughts, saying cute affirmations, keeping a mental diet - there is a better way 🤫


Tune into simple and practical manifestation

The Manifesting Simplified - Podcast


Accelerate your manifestation with the best practical manifestation tips and self concept hacks that are guaranteed to give you the long-term manifestation results you desire, and deserve!

Hi, I'm Paulina

I'm a global Manifestation Coach and I have spent the last years helping thousands women (and men) to manifest the love and life of their dreams.

I'm the host of the top rated Manifesting Simplified - Podcast and I'm known for my grounded and practical approach to manifestation.

The power to get everything you want in love and life lies within you: your subconscious mind. Because your outside only reflects your inside, and I'm here to bring you the most powerful and scientifically proven manifestation tools for upgrading your subconscious mind and your self concept.