You don't just wake up one day in your desired reality - you intentionally design it moment to moment until you live it.



Welcome to my most intimate container - designed to help you step into your power and get into the driver's seat of your life.

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Whether you desire to manifest your specific person or ex back, manifest more money or business success, I got you!

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"I had been into personal development and manifestation for years, but no matter what I tried nothing changed for me. I struggled so bad and all I wanted was to see results. After working with Paulina for just one month so much already shifted!! I can't believe how easy this is. I finally manifested my SP and he is everything I wrote down on my list. I also just had an $8k month in my business, which was the highest income month I've ever had!"

- Jessica

"Paulina really knows what she's doing and she knows the right questions to ask to go deep and find the root cause. She helped me release dozens of old beliefs and stories that stopped me from taking action in my business and life. I'm much more focused and confident in my next steps now. I am much more in tune with my body and my feelings"

- Lara