Welcome to my most intimate container - designed to help you step into your power and get into the driver's seat of your life, so that you can achieve your goals and live your dream life. It's time to experience the ease, flow and fun of life!

I'm here to guide you through creating a life that you're obsessed with. I'm super excited to have you here because what got you this far in life won’t get you to your dream life! And let me tell you: when you transform and shift one area of your life all other areas will magically re-evaluate themselves too! This is going to transform all areas of your life.



✴︎ Do you feel overwhelmed, overworked, a little lost and unsatisfied in life? 

✴︎  Do you crave more ease, flow and fun in all areas of your life? 

✴︎  Are you secretly feeling resentful and bitter towards others having the lifestyle, freedom and money you desire, while you’re still stuck and spinning your wheels?  

✴︎  Have you tried all the things but nothing seems to work for you? 

✴︎  Are you struggling to make ends meet, stuck at just enough or simply ready to tap into the frequency of abundance once and for all? 

✴︎  Have you read countless self-development books and enrolled in many programs before but still feel like something’s missing? 

✴︎  Do you struggle to prioritise your self-care and your own health? 

✴︎  Are you just so motherfucking ready for a change in your life and you know that something needs to change because what you’re doing right now is clearly not working, you just not even know where to start? 

✴︎  Are you sick of reliving the same patterns in life and same year over and over again? 


Have you ever thought to yourself: there must be a better way, an easier and more joyful way to reach my goals and live my dream life? 

There is a better way, my love. 

Let me start by telling you that I have so been where you are right now. I totally understand how it feels. I was feeling frustrated, left behind by the universe and unworthy of my desires for so long. I felt like I was doing the work. I focused on being positive. I did my daily affirmations. I pushed play on the meditations and visualisations. Yet, nothing seemed to work. Nothing happened.

These past years I have dived deep into the world of manifestation and I've spent time uncovering the easiest ways to manifest your desires. I went from having a scarcity mindset and working at a 9-5 job that was exhausting and soul-sucking, to an abundant business owner doing what I love. I’ve manifested being able to work from anywhere in the world, travelling around the world for years, my dream apartment and the most fulfilling friendships. I can truly say that I’ve found the missing piece to the puzzle when it comes to manifestation and mindset work. It has felt magical. Now I’m here to help you get what you want!

If you’re anything like me, you have a very logical mind. You need the science behind it all. You love structure and you want the step-by-step guidebook. And it might seem difficult to grasp the concepts around energy and manifestation. You might have said fuck it to yourself and refused to believe in the law of attraction. This is why I introduce all of these concepts from a scientific perspective in my coaching program. My private coaching style is unique in that I combine science with spirituality, energy with strategy.


This will become a new way of life for you, in that manifestation will become second nature to you and it will no longer be something you practice when you want to manifest something into your life. No more second guessing or worrying if you did it right or if it's working - because you will have 100% certainty in the process and you will just feel it at your core. There’s no doubt that there is an overwhelmingly large amount of different teachings out there, when it comes mindset work and manifestation. While many of them look good on the outside, most of them lack depth. And while they might give seemingly good results, it’s only short-term, because they miss the root cause. Unless we address the root cause we will not be able to make long-lasting changes. We have so much going on beneath the surface that needs to be identified and addressed, rather than trying to hide it and sprinkle glitter on it - trying to just stay high vibe and stay positive - because that’s what we’ve been taught to do right? Wrong. The thing is that no matter how much glitter we try to sprinkle on top to cover what’s beneath, the shit still stinks. It’s no wonder why affirmations, visualizations, positive thinking and gratitude lists don’t work for most people. We first need to dig deeper, to release everything that’s underneath. And I so want you to feel and walk out this beautiful release.

Together we will cut through the noise and the conflicting ideas out there, and focus on what really matters. We will focus on what shifts you into alignment and gets you moving towards your desires the fastest. My promise to you is that I will not hold back any information from you. We will break everything down into digestible pieces and simplify it for you. Your journey to manifesting your desires will feel fun, effortless and joyful. Get ready for a life-changing journey and turning your seemingly impossible goals into your reality! 


Working with Paulina has been truly life changing! Before finding her many things were triggering and upsetting me. I had been meditating but not regularly. Already after a few sessions I felt so light and free. I cannot even describe the feeling because I've never felt this free before!! We worked on releasing my blocks and triggers and she gave me a simple technique to eliminate triggers that I use at home anytime I need. I've discovered so many mindset & manifestation techniques to apply to my own daily practices. If you are ready to take the next step towards your dream life, book her!


Paulina is an amazing coach and everyone who works with her will be transformed into a new person. She helped me overcome so many limiting beliefs around money and helped me see things differently. I walked away feeling empowered and motivated to go for my dreams. She made me feel so confident in my abilities.



During our time together, you will be my focus. I am dedicated to your expansion. As a VIP client, you'll get customised support tailored to your needs and desires. Here's what it looks like:


You will have me in your back pocket at all times and you will have access to coaching on the go anytime you desire guidance, support and love. I will help you move through what's been coming up for you, shift your energy and focus so that you can get back into alignment with your vision. Think of me as your bestie that guides you through the hardships and celebrates your wins! We can use either WhatsApp or Voxer.


A beautiful and powerful guided breathwork journey to tap into your inner world and tune into your home frequency. Get ready to experience deep profound healing as you reconnect with your soul and higher self and receive guidance. 


Whenever you desire some extra guidance from your spirit team and angels, I'll pull a card for you from my powerful oracle and tarot decks.  


You'll receive customised guided visualization audios and breathwork practices to incorporate into your daily life. These will shift your energy back into alignment and give you that mental clarity and focus you've been looking for. They will help boost your creativity and confidence. These are the ultimate tools for helping you stay present and grounded throughout the day. 


This is the only library you'll ever need with the most powerful tools and practices that create shifts on an identity level and help massively transform your life in a short period of time. Embodiment, energetic and healing practices and tools for alignment, elevating your energy, raising your vibration, releasing resistance, gaining certainty and so much more. 


As a certified Mindset & Manifestation Coach and certified in powerful modalities like NLP, Time Techniques, Hypnotherapy, EFT Tapping and Breathwork, I will provide you with the most powerful tools that create shifts on an identity level and help massively transform your life in a short period of time. You will get access to the ultimate manifestation library and try out which tools and practices work best for you.


NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and it's a tool to understand how your mind works and communicates, so that you can learn to master your mind and overcome negative self-talk and self-sabotage behaviors. 


A powerful technique that works directly on the subconscious mind to help release negative emotions,  limiting beliefs and reprogram the mind for future success easily and effortlessly. 


One of the most effective tools for rewiring the subconscious mind to embody a new identity and program new beliefs and habits. Hypnosis is a way to bypass the critical faculty of your mind, the gatekeeper that determines what information to allow in - and instead communicate directly with the subconscious mind.


EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. Tapping is one of the most effective ways to help rebalance the energy in your body. EFT elevates your energy and it helps release resistance.  Through tapping we are able to release old programming, old memories and old shit we no longer need. 


Learn how to become the conscious creator of your reality and how to co-operate with the Universe, through powerful energetic and embodiment practices to shift your energy at any time. This is manifestation and energetic principles made simple and practical. 


Breathwork is the game-changer for your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. It's an active meditation and a powerful embodiment practice that activates and aligns your chakras and helps you to connect with your true self and feel whole again. It's a powerful tool that helps shift your energy to a higher vibration, connect with your higher self and release all energetic blocks that have been holding you back from your desires flowing in.


It's a tool for self empowerment. It's a mix of different systems like Astrology, the Chakra system, Kabbalah and the Chinese L'Ching, as well as scientific principles, quantum mechanics and neuroscience. It's like a handbook on how the Universe intentionally designed you to be. It shows you your unique manifestation style, how your energy is best spent and how to live in alignment with your most authentic self. 


Limited spots are available for my private high-level coaching container. 

There are 2 options: 1 MONTH OR 3 MONTHS


When I came to Paulina I was struggling with limiting beliefs and they were holding me back in my life and business. I was procrastinating a lot and felt blocked from taking the right action. Paulina really knows what she's doing and she knows the right questions to ask to go deep and find the root cause. She helped me release dozens of old beliefs and stories that stopped me from moving forward. I'm much more focused and confident in my next steps now. I really released a lot. She has held such beautiful space for me and I felt safe and secure the whole time. I would totally recommend her and I will keep booking my sessions with her!

Paulina was so gentle and kind it made for a great hypnosis. I had done hypnosis before a couple of times but nothing too in depth.  Before I started the session I was stressed out but after listening to the hypnosis Paulina made for me I felt so supported, loved, uplifted and cared for. It made me tap into this sense of peace and certainty. All the stress, all the worries that had been floating weren't bugging me anymore. I felt that everything was going to be okay. I felt the confidence to continue on and pursue my goals and feeling more than capable to do so. It was a pleasure getting a hypnosis from Paulina.






💫  You have big dreams and desires 

💫  You’re coachable

💫  You’ve hit a plateau and know you need a change

💫  You desire fulfillment in every area of your life

💫  You’re sick of your own shit

💫  You’re ready to take radical responsibility

💫  You’re all in and 100% committed to doing the inner work

💫  The program speaks to your soul

💫   You want to take life to the next level

💫   You're feeling frustrated by the lack of results in your life

💫   You have a huge FOMO, fear of missing out


I know you’re a busy bee. All I ask of you is to show up fully during the time we work together, whether it's for 60 minutes, 3 days or months. For the Monthly Coaching Container I ask you to show up fully and to set aside a few hours per week to do the inner work.


I can’t tell you how to spend your money. Let me ask you this: can you afford not to change your situation?

If you're not quite sure yet about going all in on your dream life and investing in yourself at a higher level, the 60 Minute Magic Manifestation Session or the 3 Days Expansion are perfect for you! These are shorter than Monthly Coaching Container but still very transformative and powerful! They will definitely move you in the right direction towards reaching your goals.


No. You get what you put in! I am confident in the methods and strategies I teach in my sessions and programs. If you show up fully and do the work you will see the results.


This is not for you if:

❌  You let someone else dictate how you live your life

❌  You’re not coachable and have the I already know everything mentality

❌  You need hand holding and spoon feeding

❌  You’re happy with your current life situation

❌  You want to keep playing small

❌  You want to complain about where you’re at

❌  You don’t have big dreams and goals

❌  You’re not ready to show up fully, take action and do the inner work

❌  You’re unwilling to take 100% responsibility for your reality


This is a great question! Both of these are perfect for you if you are ready to revamp your mindset and accelerate your manifestation skills. Whether you want to gain crystal clarity and focus on your goals, need help navigating something in your life, want to set up a powerful daily routine that supports you or release what's been holding you back and no longer serves you.

The Magic Manifestation Session is 60 minutes long and is held virtually over Zoom with video on - so it's like a face-to-face meeting. This session is tailored to your needs and is a unique blend of mindset work and manifestation. 

The 3 Days Expansion is a more intensive coaching experience. It's coaching on the go - where you'll have my unlimited and undivided attention for 3 days straight. I'll be there for you all the way through and you'll have me supporting you, guiding you, keeping you accountable and celebrating with you! I'll be only a text or voice message away and we can use WhatsApp or Voxer. You decide what day we start.