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Unapologetic AF is a 5-day course that will radically shift how you show up in the world as unapologetically you, which means to stop apologising, stop settling for less than you know you deserve, raise your motherfucking standards and start acting in alignment with YOUR TRUTH.

We have been so conditioned to be a version of ourselves that we think others want us to be, because of our human core desire of wanting to be accepted and feel like we belong. So much so that we have learnt to hide who we truly are at our core and started to apologise for our true desires.

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I’m a Transformational Coach & Hypnotherapist. What began as a journey of self-development, has blossomed into an online business with a mission to transform people’s lives. Years later I now have travelled around the world for years, travelled to 50+ countries and helped 100+ people from many different backgrounds transform their lives.

My private coaching and online programs are truly transformational because I incorporate a unique and powerful blend of different tools that work on the subconscious mind like Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), TIME Techniques - as well as Breathwork and Manifestation. This is why when working with the subconscious mind everything changes in life - real fast! 

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