Get Rid Of The Third Party

You're manifesting a specific person or wanting an ex back...

But there's another person in the picture, a third party that you want to be gone like yesterday.

The advice that you hear in the online space to remove a third party is to...

  Ignore the third party and tell yourself the other woman(man) doesn't exist
❌ Place all energy and focus on yourself and put yourself up on the pedestal
❌ Stop thinking about the third party
❌ Listen to a meditation or sleep tape to eliminate a 3rd party
❌ Do revision techniques and pretend like they never even existed

And you've done these things for months... with no results.

Removing your focus from the third party and doing all these other things do *not* work because the third party was created by your own subconscious programs (beliefs, fears, insecurities, doubts, worries). These are also not ways to remove a third party long-term, because they were created by your own subconscious mind.


The ONLY way to remove the third party quickly and FOR GOOD is to change those subconscious programs that are manifesting your life on AUTOPILOT, 24/7.

I know how disheartening it feels to see your loved one being with someone else.

This is the proven formula where you get the step-by-step process to quickly get rid of the third party. I have personally used the same steps to remove several third parties and now hundreds of women (and men) have used them too, with great success!

As challenging as the circumstance seem, you can easily change them. You hold the power and it's time to get rid of the third party now and manifest your specific person back into your life.

Because you already know that no amount of fighting the third party in your mind and feeling angry at them, throwing a pity party for yourself or begging and crying will help to overcome the third party...

You deserve to be in a loving relationship with your specific person!


  • The proven step by step formula + video training to quickly manifesting a third party removal, so that you can finally get back together with the love of your life 
  • Subconscious rewiring processes for releasing limiting beliefs, insecurities, fears and triggers on a subconscious level (this is not repeating affirmations or listening to sleep tapes as those don't work)
  • The most powerful processes for releasing negative emotions associated with old memories and removing unwanted flashbacks from the mind like seeing a post of the love of your life together with the third party or them saying something hurtful to you

This proven formula works even if...

☑️ You're in no contact with your specific person or ex
☑️ It seems like the person you want is in love with the third party
☑️ They're engaged or married to the third party
☑️ They told you to move on and said they never wanted to hear from you again
☑️ You're blocked on all social media platforms


Don't just take my word for it...


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