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After working with 5,000+ clients over the past years I have now created a foolproof manifestation membership that includes the step-by-step manifestation formula for manifesting your desires.

Daily success stories...

From members making instant changes in their 3D reality through subconscious reprogramming and self concept work

Learn the manifestation formula the "gurus" don't want you to know

Chances are you've tried one or more of the following to manifest:

☑️ Affirmations
☑️ Sleep tape affirmations
☑️ Vision boards
☑️ The whisper method
☑️ Watched 100+ YouTube videos
☑️ Ignoring your 3D reality
☑️ Shifting your negative thoughts into positive thoughts
☑️ Acting as if and being delusional


And you're feeling frustrated because you still haven't manifested what you want.

When all you want is to find a manifestation formula to manifest love or find new love, attract more money and abundance and feel really good about yourself.

You might be thinking that you're broken or that manifestation just doesn't work for you.

I get it. It took me years of trial and error, being broke, anxious and miserable, to finally figure out the missing piece to make manifestation work for me, without having to rely on the newest manifesting trick or woo woo methods.

What I have learned from spending the last years helping women (and men) manifesting the love and life of their dreams, and also from my coaching + hypnotherapy certifications is that the power to get everything you want in life lies within: your subconscious mind. You're manifesting through the subconscious mind, because the outside world is only a reflection of your internal world. That's why I'm passionate about bringing you the most powerful and science-based manifestation tools for modern manifestation! 


The reality is... no amount of manifesting techniques or affirmations will override your subconscious beliefs and your self concept. And no one is providing you with HOW TO actually do it - until NOW! Inside the Manifestation Club you will get the practical tools to actually transform your life.

Imagine translating all the beautiful inner work you're doing into tangible manifestation results in your external reality...

This is where the Manifestation Club comes in...

Here's what you will get: 

☑️ Each month inside the Manifestation Club feels like you've finally taken back control of your life

☑️ The step-by-step manifestation formula for manifesting love and money, to completely take out the guesswork

☑️ Instant access to practices carefully designed to help you create your dream life: subconscious reprogramming, nervous system regulation

☑️ Monthly Coaching Calls where you get your questions answered and personalized guidance on your manifestation journey


"The best manifestation club to get the practical tools for how to actually upgrade your self concept and beliefs"

What the Members are Saying

Become the best version of yourself and manifest your desires by the end of the year!




  • All Membership Content + New Monthly Content:
  • Take Control of Your Mind with Processes based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuroscience, Time Techniques and Emotional Freedom Techniques (Value: $5,000)
  • Powerful Tools to Reprogram the Subconscious Mind (Value: $12,000)
  • Transformative Processes to Upgrade Your Self Concept and Your Limiting Beliefs and Fears (Value: $6,000)
  • Guided Practices to Manifest Your Vision (Value: $5,000)
  • Somatic Practices for Navigating Negative Emotions and Regulating Your Nervous System (Value: $7,000)
  • Mini Trainings with a Practical Approach (Value: $9,000)
  • Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls with Paulina (Value: $555)
  • Access to a Private Group


$250/6 months

Most Popular

  • Everything from the MONTHLY plan (Value: $44,555)
  • Save $40!

The Manifestation Club grows every month with new trainings and practices requested by you!

Hi, I'm Paulina

I'm a global Manifestation Coach and I have spent the last years helping thousands women (and men) to manifest the love and life of their dreams.

I'm the host of the top rated Manifesting Simplified - Podcast and I'm known for my grounded and practical approach to manifestation.

The power to get everything you want in love and life lies within you: your subconscious mind. Because your outside only reflects your inside, and I'm here to bring you the most powerful and scientifically proven manifestation tools for upgrading your subconscious mind and your self concept.


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