Learn to Live in Alignment by Learning Your Human Design

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Human Design is a fascinating tool that can help you live in alignment with your energetic blueprint and how you were always designed to operate. This will bring more ease and flow into your life and simultaneously reduce resistance. For me, learning about my Human Design felt like I had received a permission slip to be who I really am. When I discovered my Human Design so much in my life suddenly made sense. It made sense why sometimes I felt like I had hit a brick wall and nothing seemed to work out the way I expected them to, while other times I felt like life was happening for me and everything was working out and flowing with ease.

Living your life according to your energetic blueprint will feel super natural, because it’s how you were always designed to operate. However, getting to that place of ease might take some deconditioning, behavioral changes and identity shifting. Understanding your Human Design and how you were uniquely designed to operate in this world will bring you so much awareness. In this blog post I will share with you how I use my Human Design profile, type, strategy and authority in my daily life to live in alignment with my energetic blueprint.

Type: Projector

Growing up I always felt different. I felt like the black sheep that nobody in my family understood. I felt like I didn’t belong and that there just was something wrong with me.  When I discovered Human Design and took a look at all of my family members’ charts I realized I was growing up with only Generators and Manifesting Generators and I had been strongly conditioned to be like them. I saw them constantly being on the move, running from one place to another. They seemed to always be full of energy, whereas I couldn’t keep up with their pace and I felt exhausted.

For so long I was juggling several jobs, hobbies and studying at a University, hanging out with friends and partying. It resulted with me being able to save up money for trips, building long-lasting friendships and having a great degree I my pocket. Graduating with top grades also gave me the recognition and praise I so much desired. After graduation, I landed a well paid and secure job in the corporate world, that looked perfect on paper. It didn’t take me long to start questioning what I truly wanted in life. Because I for sure was not happy or fulfilled. I had followed what society had taught me to do and everything looked good on paper, but in reality I was miserable and I felt like something was missing. The final warning was when my physical health deteriorated and I was forced to create massive change.

When I learned that I was a Human Design Projector and that I was not meant to be doing all of the things myself, but rather do life my own way, have a lot of daily play and fun and take off to rest. My super power as a Projector is the SEEing. It has always come natural to me to see things differently and offer a new perspective. It’s not the accomplishing of hundreds of tasks and constantly achieving goals, but instead it’s the offering of a new perspective. My passion is to guide and help people, and that is also when I truly feel seen, heard and valued. Projectors are the guides and wise leaders with an immense amount of knowledge. All my life I’ve heard compliments about how I'm wise beyond my age and I’ve been the go-to person that people have come to for advice.



Strategy: Wait to be invited


My strategy is to wait for the invitation, especially when it comes to big life changes. This is something I've done naturally all of my life. I feel like I've just been enjoying life and what feels good moment to moment, so that the invitations I needed came flowing my way. Waiting for the invitation can fuck up many, because as projectors hear they need to wait for the invitation they think it means for everything in life. You don’t need to wait for any minor life changes, for example to go for a coffee with someone. An invitation is anything that seeks your involvement. It's said that you need to wait to be invited into life’s big decisions like love, marriage, career and where you live. I personally have followed my intuitive nudges when I've moved overseas a dozen times in my life. Something I had to learn was to wait to be invited before sharing my advice and wisdom. There were times when I shared my two cents with others without them asking and my advice wasn’t taken well and often repelled.


Authority: Emotional

According to Human Design, none of us are supposed to make decisions from our logical mind. Instead we are meant to make decisions by following our authority. Learning how to make decisions based on your Human Design authority is powerful, because every correct decision will get you closer to your dreams.

I have an emotional authority, so it means that I have to ride my emotional wave before making a decision. My emotional center connects to my root center, which has gate 30 defined. This means that my emotional wave is impacted by the expectations I carry. I’ve noticed that my emotional wave is pretty short and it looks like a slow escalator, with a build up of emotions and then a sudden drop with a breakthrough. A system I’ve been using is to check in with myself several times a day to see where on the emotional wave I am and then rate how I feel in the moment from a scale of 1-10.

Something that took me a long time to come to terms with was that I needed to give myself time to make decisions. That I wasn’t supposed to make decisions in an instant, and rather “sleep on it”. While it’s often tempting to make a decision while my emotions are running wild and I’m either high or low, it’s not how most of us are meant to make decisions. Strong positive emotions (happiness, excitement) or negative ones (fear, anger). So often when I felt excited or happy and someone asked me to meet up or do something, I said yes. But then once I got home, or latest upon waking up the next day, I realized I once again made a decision on a whim and I regret committing to it.


Profile: 3/5 Martyr-Heretic

The status quo is not for the line 3 profile, as it always strives for various changes in life. In my life I’ve always searched for new adventures and experiences. I love moving houses, moving to a different country and getting new acquaintances and friends. It’s safe to say that I have a lof of lived experience from my 30 years on the planet so far -  from having jobs in many different industries, travelled to more than 50 countries and lived in 7 different countries.

As a 3 line profile I’m here to lead and experiment and that is exactly what makes me such an amazing coach. I learn through doing and trying different things. It took  a while for me to learn to embrace that trial and error is a natural process to me. It also doesn’t matter how many people tell me to do it a specific way or not to try something at all, I still have to try it for myself. I'm meant to experiment with different things and then guide others through my experiments. I honestly feel like I have more perserverance than others because it's all about trial and error for me, and so it’s included a lot of times that things did not work out for me. For example, if a connection isn’t supporting my process of constantly evolving and discovering, whether it’s a person, place or thing, I am meant to break ties with it.

As I recognized that I was meant to learn, research, observe and experiment, and that’s also what I love doing, I structured my life and business to allow myself more own space and time to learn new things. In fact, I notice myself getting annoyed and frustrated when I haven’t given myself enough time daily to learn something new. This doesn’t have to be anything major, just 30 minutes of reading a book or listening to a podcast.

As a 5 line profile I have a projection field that can convince others that I’m here to save the day and solve all problems. Others can therefore place big expectations on me. I’ve felt this my whole life - I’ve felt that most people projects onto me and don’t really see who I truly am. This aura is super penetrative and can feel very intense for others. So others can sense that my aura will penetrate straight into theirs and if they’re not ready for that level of intimacy and to be seen so deeply, they might try to avoid me instead. This has helped me draw in the right people - people that actually want to be seen deeply and want me to share my wisdom. These connections have evolved into amazing friendships where I also feel seen and recognized at a much deeper level.


Definition: Single

How my energy centers are communicating. I have a single definition, which means that all of my defined centers (the coloured in parts of the chart) are connected to each other through defined channels. People with a single definition tend to process information quickly because all of their defined centers are connected and communicating with each other. They might also not need to go as deep into the information as another definition would. I have noticed that in my own life - I know a little bit about everything and can have a conversation with strangers about almost any topic.

Another aspect is that people with a single definition tend to be fairly independent and their energy is self contained so they don’t feel the need to have people around to complete them. This makes so much sense. I’ve never felt like I need relationships to feel complete me, because I already have a sense of wholeness. Don’t get me wrong, I do like relationships - it's just that I don’t need them in order to feel whole. I'm much able to operate independently and process information on my own, rather than talking it through with someone else first.








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