Shift Your Identity First When Manifesting Your Dreams


Hey beautiful,

“You do not attract what you want - you attract what you are”
- Wayne Dyer


The Universe only responds to who you are being. This blog post will discuss why you need to shift your identity first when manifesting your dreams. Your identity has a huge effect on what it is you’re able to actually manifest. Oftentimes when we struggle to manifest something into our lives it’s because of our identity - we don’t yet see ourselves as the kind of person that would have what we want.

We know that when we want to manifest something new into our lives, we need to close the gap between who we are being now and who we want to become. One powerful way to close that gap is to shift our identity. When we are able to step into the version of ourselves who already has what we want, i.e. shift our identity at least on an energetic level, manifestation becomes so much easier. When we shift our identity, the vibration we are emitting out into the Universe is different - because at the core of our vibration is how we see ourselves - who we know ourselves to be. One of the most powerful ways to create an identity shift is to create an alter ego for yourself, your secret identity. 



How do You Identify Yourself?

Your identity is basically how you identify yourself, it is who you are. You have a constructed identity in all areas of your life and in e.g. relation to health, money, career/business, love and relationships. A good way to find out your identity is to think about what you most talk about with your friends and family. To find out what your identity is you can also complete the following sentence:

I am...

What you put after I am basically defines who you are at your core and this becomes your destiny. Who you are is the story you tell yourself about who you are, where you are from, what you’ve achieved so far and what you’re capable of doing and not. It’s a constructed narrative that your mind has created. Your identity is strongly ingrained within you, and you’re constantly affirming this identity to yourself - day in and day out. You might not even notice that you’re doing it because your identity feels comfortable to you and you hold onto it tightly.

Your identity limits you and holds you back in life because it is the foundation for what you think you’re capable of achieving and doing in life. These are just merely decisions you have made - you have decided that this is how things are for you. The labels of who you are and where you are from can restrict you when you want to create your dream reality. Your identity and how you perceive yourself, the world and others is shaped by your culture and the environment you were raised in. Your identity is also shaped by the type of opportunities and challenges you have faced growing up.



Identity Shifting is the Most Powerful Manifestation Technique

Your subconscious mind holds onto your self-identity and over 90% of your daily actions come from your subconscious programming. When you’re able to change your identity - your habits, behaviors and beliefs will naturally change. If you embody the identity of someone that is already living your dream reality or have already achieved the goals you want to achieve, you will easily embody the beliefs, values, behaviors and habits of that person.

How would you think, feel and behave differently if you already had what you wanted?


Creating Your Secret Identity - Your Super Power

The idea of creating a secret identity is to close the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be. You can also see your secret identity as your alter ego. It's your secret weapon, your super power, that you have that isn't visible to other people.  Your secret identity helps create some distance from your current identity and helps you reach a new level of awareness of what’s possible for you. Your secret identity becomes your super power that you can access at any given time. Beyoncé has publicly said that she has an alter ego called Sasha Fierce. Sasha Fierce shows up when she needs an extra boost in self-confidence, like when she goes on stage and has to perform.

Your secret identity is meant to empower you and to bring forth the qualities and traits you most desire and need at any given moment, e.g. courage and confidence. There are many amazing benefits of creating a secret identity, or several secret identities. You can use your secret identity to break free from any disbelief in yourself and instead align with the strengths and capabilities of another person and rebuild confidence and belief in yourself. Achieving goals and solving problems become so much more effortless when using a secret identity. You can use your secret identity to perform better on stage, on the sports field, at work or for an exam in school. You can use your secret identity to navigate difficult situations and transitions in life, such as breakups, moving and getting a new job. Even for navigating periods of emotional stress like overwhelm, anger, grief and burnout, and to re-establish a sense of balance and serenity.



Creating Your Own Secret Identity


Your secret identity or alter ego is like a character that you create. Think of it as a costume that you would put on to perform at a circus, with a wig and makeup. You would look different, feel different and also show up differently.


Follow these steps in order to create your own secret identity.


Step 1. Get clear on what you want

This can be a goal you want to achieve, something you want to manifest, specific feelings you want to feel on a daily basis or experiences you want to create in your life.

Before you fall into the trap of your internal dialogue that goes like

Who am I to ask for what I want?

I'm not supposed to want more than others

I sound so selfish


I want to let you know that you admitting that you want something is absolutely not selfish - it is honest! You live this life for yourself, to feel happy and fulfilled, not for someone else. It’s time to declare what you truly desire.


Step 2. Identify how you show up in the world

Think of someone who already has achieved your goal, manifested the things you want or someone who is living the kind of life that you desire. Get clear on the behaviors and actions you need to take to get what you want. Create your secret identity that has the knowledge and skills of the person that can accomplish your goals and make your desires a reality. Also identify how you would react to different situations and events in life. What energy do you need to show up in every single day? Think of the personal traits you need to embody in order to do the actions required to get where you want to go, e.g. be more confident or resilient.

If I already were/had ___ (living my dream reality/achieved my goal)…

  • how would I show up in life?
  • how would I feel?
  • what actions would I take on a daily basis?
  • what would I do more of/less of?
  • what choices would I be making?



Step 3. Identify who you need to embody

There’s this saying what got you here, won’t get you there, meaning that the same set of beliefs, thoughts, expectations and attitudes that you’ve had until this point won’t get you to where you want to be. They will only give you more of what you already have. Your job is to identify the expectations, beliefs and attitudes you need to embody in order to achieve the goal, create your dreams or make those changes happen in your life. Ask yourself:

If I already were/had ___ (living my dream reality/achieved my goal)…

  • what would I believe about myself and about life?
  • what would I expect about myself and other people?
  • what would I value about myself and the world?


Step 4. Give your secret identity a name

The idea behind giving your new identity a name is to create separation between the version of yourself that you are today and the version of who you want to become. Having a name for your secret identity will help you step into that identity within seconds. Just like Beyoncé's secret identity is called Sasha Fierce, give your secret identity a name that empowers you and makes you feel amazing! I have used my middle name Xenia for a long time because it reminds me of the fictional warrior princess Xena, that travels around and fights the evil. The name makes me feel powerful. If you cannot come up with a name just yet you can always call your secret identity the “2.0 version of you".


Step 5. Give your secret identity a symbol or object

With a symbol or object it will be much easier to slip into your secret identity. Do you have a specific clothing or bag that just makes you feel so much more amazing and confident when you’re wearing it? It could even be some ear rings, necklace, lipstick or perfume. Before knowing all of this I used to show up in my favorite clothes at job interviews and at the days when we had to do presentations in school. This made me feel more confident and gave me the inner reassurance that I am unstoppable and I got this.



Shifting Your Identity

After you have created your secret identity your job is to show up as this version every single day. This becomes your new filter in life because every decision and action you take is filtered through your secret identity first. Shifting identities can feel uncomfortable at first. It’s like trying on a new pair of jeans - they feel uncomfortable and tight at first. But after wearing them for a couple of weeks they feel super comfy and turn out to be your favorite jeans. Your new identity will feel more natural after a couple of days. Give it time and play around with it.






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