Discover Your Unique Manifestation Method With Human Design


Hey Beautiful, 

Did you know that you are uniquely designed in how you’re meant to co-create with the Universe to bring your desires forth? This is the reason why sometimes you try to follow a technique or method that worked for someone else, and it just doesn't work for you. A tool I love using with my clients to uncover their unique method for manifesting is Human Design. I love Human Design so much because it can give you insight on what kind of relationship with the Universe works best for your design. There are many individualized layers to your unique manifestation method that allows you to access the abundance you desire, and deserve, but today we will focus on one specific aspect.


What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is the practice of turning something that was once imagined into physical existence. We are all unique in how we approach manifestation and Human Design is an incredible tool that allows us to understand our unique method for calling in our desires.


What is Human Design?

Human Design is a mix of different systems like Astrology, the Chakra System, Kabbalah and the Chinese I’Ching, as well as some scientific principles, quantum mechanics and neuroscience. It's said to have been downloaded by a man named Ra Uru Hu in 1987, from what he called the voice. It is similar to Astrology in that it's like a handbook that is based on the moment you were born. It's like a handbook on how the Universe intentionally designed you to be and it brings you back to who you truly are without all of your conditioning so that you can be free to be you and live most in alignment with your authentic self.


How Specific Should You Be When Manifesting?

A question I often get asked as a Manifestation Coach is “How specific should I be when manifesting my desires?”. In this blog post we will cover just that.

My first answer is always to be as specific as it feels good to you. But using Human Design can help you understand how you were designed to manifest in this lifetime. We will look at two specific arrows in your Human Design chart. You can get your free Human Design chart here. You need your date and time of birth as well as birth location. These arrows are an aspect of Human Design that change very quickly, so the accuracy of your birth time does matter here. If you don’t know your exact time of birth, then I have an exercise for you. You can also try both methods and see which one you resonate more with.

We will look at the bottom arrow on the right side of your chart today. This arrow deals with how your conscious mind visually takes in information and shows if you take in information through your central focus or perpheral visual fields more strongly.


Fun Exercise to Find Out if You're a Specific or a Non-Specific Manifestor 


Think of your favorite holiday memory and describe it to me. What do you remember about your favorite holiday? If you remember specific things like the place, the persons and the moment that made it super special, the clothes that you were wearing, what the other person were saying and where you were sitting or standing, you have a focused view perspective. Imagine yourself sitting in the car and looking out a single window - you tend to catch the details within that focused perspective. In Human Design terminology this is called being a specific manifestor.

If you have a difficult time remembering all the specific details, but you have a big picture of what happened and you remember things like how you felt in that moment, what the vibe was like and what feelings you were experiencing internally, you have a peripheral view perspective. Imagine yourself sitting in a convertible without a roof where you have the full 360 ° view perspective. In Human Design terminology this is called being a non-specific manifestor.



Discover Your Method for Manifesting Your Desires With Human Design 

Something I heard a lot was to be super specific about what you want, because otherwise the Universe doesn’t know what you want and you would just confuse it. I believe that the Universe can read your energy and knows exactly what you want even if you don’t know the exact details.

If the arrow points to the left, you're a specific manifestor. This means that details excite you and feel good to you, so you can co-create your manifestations with the Universe by declaring exactly what you want. If you want to manifest your dream home, you could say you want a home located on X street with 2 bedrooms, white doors and a big balcony with ocean view.

If your arrow points to the right, you're a non-specific manifestor. This means that how something feels to you is probably more exciting to you than how it looks like. Getting super specific and detailed might actually overwhelm you and feel restricting to you. You’re meant to just get clear on the bigger picture and how you want to feel once you get your desires and trust the Universe to sort out the details for you. To continue with the same example as previously, if you want to manifest your dream home as a non-specific manifestor you want to focus on how you want to feel in your dream home and what vibe you want your dream home to have. You could write a short list of the key elements you want, like a dream home located in a specific area, with lots of natural light and you want the home to feel spacious and expansive.

I’m a non-specific manifestor myself and details stress me out and make me feel out of flow. I’ve noticed that when I just get clear on what I want and leave the details to the Universe, things manifest a lot faster for me and the manifestations are so much more incredible than I could ever have imagined myself.  




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