The 2 Secrets to Speed Up Your Manifestations

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Today you're going to learn the two secrets to speeding up your desires so that they manifest into physical form instantly.

What is Manifestation?

Manifesting, or the practice of intentionally creating what you desire or making your dreams come true, has never been more popular. Simply put, manifestation is the phenomenon that occurs when something you imagined becomes actualized into your physical reality, basically going from seeing something in your mind to seeing it in your real life. We are manifesting all the time, whether we are conscious of it or not, and we have manifested everything that has ever happened in our lives. We all have the ability to manifest anything we desire, be it money, health, love, a specific person or thing.

Most likely you have heard the term manifestation before. You might even have googled things like what exactly manifesting means and how to manifest your desires. Maybe you even got so far as to trying out one of the many manifestation techniques out there, like visualizing your desires, doing affirmations, listening to subliminals, trying the water method or 555 method. And if you’re like most of my clients, chances are you didn’t see any results from trying out these manifestation techniques and it only left you feeling like you did something wrong or missed a piece of the puzzle.


The Missing Piece to the Puzzle

I’m here to tell you that if you tried these manifestation techniques out more than once and you truly gave it some time, and still nothing was manifesting into physical form, you most likely did miss a piece or two of the puzzle.

Where I see many clients go wrong is they have a clear image of what they desire. They know exactly what they want. And that is great. But where they go wrong, however, is when they try to manifest their desires while still carrying around a heavy baggage of all that old stuff that’s just weighting them down. A heavy baggage of habits and ways of thinking that no longer serve them, limiting beliefs, negative emotions and attachments, that just block their manifestations from flowing into their lives.

Have you ever purchased a new sofa or kitchen table? 

Then you obviously know that before taking the new piece of furniture home, you need to make sure to get rid off the old sofa or kitchen table in order to make space for the new one.

There are two secrets or two missing pieces of the puzzle when it comes to speeding up your manifestations, that most gurus don’t talk about. These are underrated and overlooked, yet super powerful when it comes to manifesting your desires. Don’t be surprised if your desires show up at lightning speed after doing these practices.

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The #1 Secret to Speed Up Your Manifestations

The first secret to having your desires manifest fast is letting go of that old shit. Letting go of the things that no longer serve you, old habits, old ways of thinking, negative emotions and limiting beliefs. If you have been trying to manifest with no results then chances are you still have some cleaning up to do, some decluttering of your mind and body. The thing is it’s within our nature to always desire new things but so many of us forget to declutter first. Just like we throw out the trash every week, we also need to start clearing the built up emotional and mental crap. We have all of these old stories for why things are the way they are and we are carrying around our old trauma, pain and hurt. These are all blocking our desires from showing up in our lives. When we let go of what no longer serve us, we create space for our desires to manifest.

Here are some questions for you to get started on your journey to letting go:

  • What do you need to let go of? e.g. negative thinking, old stories, limiting beliefs, negative emotions
  • What is no longer serving you? e.g. limiting belief, a person or situation
  • What is standing in the way of you to become the highest version of yourself?
  • What stories and beliefs do you need to rewrite? Download the FREE playbook for rewriting your limiting beliefs here


The #2 Secret to Speed Up Your Manifestations

The second secret is forgiving your past. Forgiving both yourself from your past behaviors and mistakes, as well as other people for the pain they caused you. Oftentimes we hold onto so much resentment towards other people’s wrongdoings, we hold onto negative emotions like anger, frustration, guilt and shame attached to other people. Forgiving simply means that you consciously choose to free yourself from the negative energies attached to the other person and choose to release the junk that previously clogged your system. You can forgive others in silence, without having to let the other person know. And you can forgive someone and still seek justice. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you will reconciliate with them. Forgiveness is something that has been practiced for hundreds of years and besides speeding up your manifestations it also has numerous health benefits to it.

  • Whom do you need to forgive?
  • What situations or past events do you need to forgive?
  • What do you need to forgive yourself for?
  • When you think of your past, is there something that is almost impossible for you to forgive? If so, why?

Click here to get access to the FREE Forgiveness Toolkit to get you started on your forgiveness journey. The toolkit contains journal prompts, different forgiveness practices and how to actually do them and a forgiveness meditation that is based on the ancient Hawaiian forgiveness practice called Ho’oponopono.




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