5 Steps to Quickly Release Negative Emotions & Feel More Free


Hey beautiful,

Today we will talk all about negative emotions and I'll give you a powerful quick fix to release your negative emotions.

Unresolved negative emotions like anger, sadness, resentment, shame and guilt are weighing you down, draining your life force energy and causing you to feel anything but peace, freedom and joy. Let’s be honest, there is a reason you’re reading this blog post. You most likely feel overwhelmed, stressed out and have already lost several weeks’ or months’ worth of good night’s sleep due to the constant mind chatter.

Why do Negative Emotions Matter?

Much like our brains store memories, every time we suppress our emotions they become imprinted onto our muscle memory and stored in our nervous system. We basically bury them inside our bodies and unless we process them they can eventually manifest into physical illnesses.

From a spiritual perspective, our suppressed and repressed emotions are one of the biggest blocks to having your desires flow into your life like magic. Your negative emotions block your energetic field and slow down your manifestation game. Since we constantly attract everything around us into our world either through our thoughts or feelings, it can be beneficial to become mindful of our daily feelings and take a moment to observe our emotions and thoughts several times a day. This will help us shift our perceived negative and unwanted emotions into more desirable emotions.

There is a misconception in the spiritual community that focusing on the negative stuff is going to manifest more of the negative stuff. So it’s often encouraged to just stuff down all the negative emotions and try to be high vibe. The thing is though that what you stuff down, ignore and resist will only persist. When you repress the negative stuff and try to hold it inside of you, you’re keeping it in your mind and body and so that’s why more negative stuff attracts to you. You will attract more of events and people into your life that you are a vibrational match for. To give you an example, if you’re feeling excited you will naturally attract more things, events and people to you that you can feel excited about. On the contrary, if you’re feeling angry and resentful, you will attract more events and people that will further strengthen these emotions.


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Dealing With Negative Emotions

How most people cope with negative and unwanted feelings is to suppress them, escape them by distractions like watching TV or scroll through Instagram. These can numb the pain in the short term but not processing the emotions at hand will cause a build-up of emotions, just ready to snap at any moment.

Instead of trying to hold the negative feelings inside or run away from them we need to learn to face the emotions and process them. The only way out is through. This facilitates for true healing. We have to feel it to heal it. Processing and releasing the negative emotions will free you from the past and help you feel much lighter and at peace with what life throws your way. It will also simultaneously help raise your vibration.



What Does it Mean to Raise Your Vibration?

Everything in this world has a certain vibration, a frequency or energy to it. We are all energy. Everything in the Universe is energy. Not only objects, but also our thoughts and emotions. The rate of vibration is different for different materials, and so different things vibrate at a different frequency. Your emotions have a specific vibration. For example, anger would be a lower vibration compared to joy. You’ve probably heard the term being high vibe hundreds of times before. In the spiritual world feeling positive and uplifting emotions like excitement, joy, happiness are associated with being high vibe - whereas typically negative emotions like shame, guilt, anger, fear and frustration are considered to be lower vibrations.

The chart below illustrates the vibration hierarchy of emotions, where boredom is a neutral feeling and from there you can either choose to vibrate downwards or upwards depending on your emotions. When you consciously raise your vibration you choose to process and move through situations that have caused you to feel frustrated, angry or worried. When you feel all of the negative emotions you heal the parts of yourself, and you can then raise your vibration by instead choosing to fill up the empty space with more uplifting and positive feelings like excitement and joy. I say choose, because it all comes down to a decision to make. A choice - to let go of the negative and lower vibrational emotions like anger, sadness, jealousy and resentment - and the choice is always yours!

Vibration Hierarchy of Emotions



How to Release Negative Emotions From the Body

 Oftentimes when a negative emotion comes up to the surface it’s not the best timing, and so rather than acting upon the emotions and letting them get the best of you and letting a situation escalate and causing more issues down the road with these people, it’s sometimes better to just walk away or be quiet in that moment. And to process and release the emotions on your own.

There are several powerful ways to deal with negative emotions and tools that can support you in releasing the emotions from your body and mind, such as hypnotherapy, NLP and yoga. In this blog post we will focus on consciously processing the negative emotions, through a proven and powerful 5-step-formula.

I suggest you do these five steps when you’re by yourself. If something has just happened that has caused you to feel any negative emotion, you could go to the nearest bathroom to do these five steps and release the emotions while the event is still fresh on your memory and you still feel the emotions strongly. If it’s not favorable - you could always come back to these five steps later on, once you’re at home and have time on your hands. Just recall a specific memory of a significant emotional event that occurred so that the feelings come up for you again.


The 5 Steps to Release Emotions Trapped in Your Body

Step 1: Recognize the emotion

Allow the feeling to be there and let it come to the surface. Have compassion and be kind to yourself.


Step 2: Name the emotion

What exactly are you feeling? e.g. hurt, angry, unappreciated, disrespected?
Give the feeling a name.


Step 3: Feel the emotion

Give yourself permission to just sit with the feeling without attaching any meaning onto it or trying to judge it. Don’t suppress it or try to resist it.

Where in your body do you feel it? Place your hands on that part of your body where you sense that the feeling is located.
How do you feel it? e.g. tingling or tightness.

Focus on that part or the parts of your body where you feel that emotion, with the intention of releasing the emotion. Take deep belly breaths and imagine that the negative emotions leave your body, bit by bit, with each exhalation.


Step 4: Get curious

All emotions have messages and are there to teach us something. Ask yourself:

What is this feeling trying to tell me? 
What do those parts of your body where you feel the emotion want?


Step 5: Move the emotion

Let the emotion move through you because it will pass much more faster when you allow yourself to feel all of it. Ask yourself: 

What does this emotion need from me? What feels right to do in this moment?

You might feel called to you can cry, scream, dance, paint, do yoga or go for a walk, run or swim. Journaling through the feeling might also help. Just follow what feels right for you in this moment. Since emotion is just energy in motion, the goal here is to move the energy of the emotion through your body so that it can be released for good.


My Favorite Way to Release Negative Emotions

My favorite way to release stuck emotions from the body is breathwork. Breathwork helps calm down your nervous system, and bring your body from the fight or flight mode into a peaceful and relaxed state. It will help cleanse your body from repressed and suppressed negative emotions, unhealed trauma and stagnant energy, and to release stress, anxiety and overwhelm. It’s basically a much needed reset for the body, mind and soul. You will learn to trust your body in a way you never thought possible, and to cultivate inner peace, calm, safety and security at any given moment. You will be able free yourself from the past and to take back control of your emotions and start responding to life instead of reacting to all the events life throws your way!



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