How I Manifested a Move Overseas During a Pandemic

Hey beautiful,

Have you ever desired to move overseas? With this blog post I’m hoping I can inspire you to take the leap of faith towards your dreams, if you’re like me and desire to move to another country. I hope to make you see that it’s not at all that scary when you know how to bridge the gap between where you are now to where you want to be. You just need to get clear on a few things first and then figure out the steps towards your move.

Moving is always a big change and the process of moving countries can feel overwhelming and frightening, especially if it’s your first time ever moving to another country.

There are many crucial things to find out first before you even get to the point where you actually book your plane ticket. Things like what country to go to, the legal documents required and visa requirements. On top of that you also need to check that your passport is valid for at least 6 months (depending on the country you’re going to) and figure out what to do with your current apartment; whether you sublet it or move out from it and in that case where you leave all of your belongings.

Many people desire to move abroad. Yet this is the reason for why it remains a dream to so many people. They are living in the hope to one day fulfill their dreams, not realizing that they actually need to start taking actionable steps towards their dreams.


Why Should You Listen to Me?

Before we go any further, I’m going to share with you why I’m qualified to even speak about this topic. The short answer is because I have previously manifested moving overseas several times.

Moving and travelling is something that has come naturally to me all my life. Even if moving countries and travelling abroad for longer periods of times have required some planning ahead and a fair amount of my time and energy, it has still always felt easy and effortless. From travelling abroad several times a year already as a teenager I got super used to doing the research and planning ahead of the trips and then exploring new places. I moved by myself as 16 years old and from there I moved overseas all by myself as well.

From living in several different countries I got used to the packing, relocating and constant change that comes along with it. Now I have travelled to more than 50+ countries and lived in five different countries for more than six consecutive months in each country.  


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Manifesting a Move Overseas During a Worldwide Pandemic

This is me manifesting moving to another country during a worldwide pandemic. I’m here to show you that even in a middle of chaos you can manifest amazing things for yourself. If I can do it, you too, can!

This time is going to be the sixth time that I pack my bags with the intention to relocate overseas for as long as time allows. This is the sixth time that I the country I’m moving to just came to me one day and within a few months’ time I was already on the move to making it happen. Shouldn’t be anything new for me here, right. Only this time feels completely different because we are still in a pandemic and that makes things seem more uncertain and risky. I’ve always been called the brave and courageous one that goes her own way, not taking shit from anyone else. But this time is the first time in my life that my brain is telling me to stay safe right where I am. Moving can feel stressful and draining already on its own - so then adding the uncertainty of the pandemic and all the special restrictions that come with it certainly doesn’t make it easier, to say the least.

Knowing myself I’m not going to let my brain stop me and letting my brain get in the way of the memorable journey I’m being guided on. Even if I have all of these thoughts like what if there will be a total lockdown and I’m all by myself in a rural area in the middle of nowhere and I won’t be able to go to the gym or to any café, what if I fall sick and get no help, what if the place runs out of food supply or electricity, what if I won’t be able to… Deep down I know that this is my soul calling me to go on a journey that is filled with uncertainty and which outcome is completely unpredictable. I’ve asked myself so what if it all goes wrong, what’s the worst thing that could happen? The answer is that then I would just have to figure out another place to move to instead and if there aren’t any other options available I can always return back to my home country. No biggie, right! That was the moment when I decided that I would much rather take a leap in the unknown about something that could turn into a super beautiful journey and experience, rather than play small and safe and be miserable when the winter season hits. Personally, I’m not a winter person at all and I always say that I was born in the wrong country. There just is no effing way I could get used to the cold and dark weather.


The Steps to Making The Move Overseas

When it comes to manifesting your desire there is no one size fits all, there is no one single way that will work for all billions of people on this planet earth. It starts becoming dangerous when someone creates a narrative, saying there is a handbook designed to give you the strategy, the tool, the specific ritual to manifest your desire.

Please note that these were the steps I took towards making my move overseas, and that they could look a little different for you.

The first step to manifesting moving overseas is to gain clarity on what you desire and where it is you want to live.

My desires were clear as the day to me:

  • Living close to the beach
  • Warm and humid climate all year round
  • A nice cafe next to me with delicious vegan options
  • A gym with air conditioning
  • Being surrounded by laid-back people
  • My non-negotiables for my apartment: a bathtub, air conditioner and a modern spacious kitchen


When the pandemic hit and I was forced to return to my home country and endure one cold and dark winter where I felt miserable AF - I said to myself this is it - no more winters for me. I felt the calling to move to a country with warm, sunny weather and the beach close by. After growing up on the country side I had enough of it and ever since I’ve been a big city girl. For years I loved the perks of city life like being close to restaurants, bars, nightlife and other happenings - but since the pandemic hit and the lockdowns came around and I wasn’t able to go out that much anyways I started craving the simpler things in life. The loud traffic noise outside my windows started bothering me more and more and it just made me desire to be living in a small village far away from the big city hustle and bustle. For the first time in my life I’m actually craving the rural vibes and I’d be more than happy with just a long, sandy beach and a café and gym close to me. This is exactly what I now manifested because I’m moving to a small village that has a population of 5000 people. I’m over the nightlife vibes and I’ve learnt to enjoy the simpler things in life and I’ve learnt to appreciate peace and quiet.

The second step is to start visualizing your desire everyday. My intuition told me to do that, so that's what I started doing. I didn’t visualize because I thought it was a must for me to visualize in order to manifest something, I did it simply because I felt called to and because it felt like the right thing to do.

I visualized my move to overseas in my mind’s eye several times a week. I saw myself running on the beach during sunset, I saw my spacious apartment next to the beach with a terrace and pool in the backyard and I saw myself dressed in a bikini sitting in front of my laptop during the warm summer’s day. I felt the feelings just as if I was already there and I got super excited about it. Like I just couldn’t wait for it to actually happen!

After doing the visualizing practice for some time it hit me: Portugal, I’m moving to Portugal!! Why Portugal, of all the countries in the world?! I got really inspired to search for information about Portugal. Something about the country just called my name. I have been in Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon, for a week around five years ago. I did enjoy it and it was a beautiful city, I just never have been attracted to the spanish culture. So I would never in a million years have expected to be moving there.

When you start telling people about your dreams to move overseas you’ll soon notice that you’ll be met with resistance and negativity. So hold your vision and protect is as much as you can, I mean you don’t need to share it with everyone you encounter. Even if you’re super excited about your move - some people will try to bring you back to reality and bluntly tell you it’s going to be difficult, risky, dangerous, blablabla. In the end the same people will be happy for you and be proud of you for going after your dreams and actually moving. Just remember where people’s advice stems from: they have wanted to move to another place but haven’t been able to make it for themselves, and they give advice based on that. They give advice based on their perception and their beliefs and fears.

The next step is to research the country and the specific location where you want to move. Nowadays it’s so easy to get a feel for a place through Google Maps and looking at photos from the location on Instagram. I also like to read about the country and the specific city on blogs, articles and travel guides online. Then I check for Facebook groups of people that live in that city or country, e.g. expats in Portugal and Europeans in Algarve, and possibly join some of the FB groups. The Facebook groups are an amazing tool to get answers to your burning questions and possibly even reach out and get to know people that live there. This allows you to truly feel it out before making the final decision to actually move there.

Another great option is for you to ask around and ask people you know if they know someone who has been there, lived there or is living there at the moment. Another suggestion is to use Google’s Ask a Local feature, that allows you to ask any question about a specific location and the locals living in that area will be notified of your question and give you answers. You might even get multiple answers.

I have never been to the small village I’m moving to now, not even close. But I still feel like I have been there because I have been researching it on Google. I asked in my Instagram stories if someone had been to the southern coast of Portugal where I’m heading, and I instantly received messages from five people giving me tips and advice worth gold. From openly talking about my move and asking people I know if they knew someone who had been there - I also found an older woman who had been escaping the cold northern Europe winters and lived in the south coast of Portugal for more than ten consecutive winters.

The next step was to decide to commit and to move forward by setting a deadline for when you want to move. There wasn’t an official date for me to move to Portugal. The two criteria for me were to move before the winter season hit and to move after I successfully had managed to sublet my apartment. I also started checking for available Airbnb apartments in my destination and possible flight connections that would help me give more info on what days I could make the bold move. When I started looking at apartments in Algarve, I found this gorgeous Airbnb apartment that was just as I had visualized. Some perks of travelling during a pandemic is that many Airbnb apartments in touristy areas are standing empty at the moment due to the amount of tourists being limited. So most Airbnb owners are willing to give you a decent monthly rent instead.

The next step is to plan ahead and take small action steps now to make your move more smooth later down the line. I started going through my belongings, to see what I wouldn’t use anymore and instead could give away to other people, and packing up things I didn’t need anymore, things I wasn’t intending on bringing with me. Like winter clothes and kitchen appliances and home decor. I also started planning ahead of time and to purchase vitamins and supplements beforehand.



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