How to Manifest Anything You Desire in 5 Simple Steps


 Hey Beautiful,


Did you know that you are creating and manifesting all the time? You truly are the creator of your own life and of your destiny. Your dominant vibration, that is made of your beliefs, thoughts and feelings, are constantly shaping your reality and attracting things, events and people to you.

It's time to learn the manifestation process so that you can become a conscious creator of your life. You can use this powerful 5-step process to manifest anything in your life, be it more money, your dream house, a relationship or health.


What does it mean to manifest?

Manifesting means turning your desires and dreams into reality. It’s about intentionally thinking and acting in a way that ultimately leads to you receiving your desires. It’s about co-creating with the Universe. In this blog post I’ll break down the manifestation process into five simple steps, that you can implement starting today, to receive your desire in no time.




The Five Step Manifestation Process


Step 1. Get clear on your desire

The first step to manifesting your desire is getting clear on what it is you actually want. Take a moment to get really specific about what you desire. Write it down on paper.

Do you desire a new job? Write down the role and some of the responsibilities you desire. With what salary? Also think about your desired work environment, like do you desire to work remotely or in the office and what kind of work mates do you desire?

The reason you want something is because you believe having it will make you feel a certain way. After you know what you want, figure out the feelings you have attached to this particular desire.

Let’s stick with the new job example. Besides having a new job with great responsibilities and a high salary, how do you want to feel in this job? Do you want to feel excited on a daily basis? Or feel powerful? All of those feelings are available to you right now. Now it's your job to find ways to feel the feelings every single day, before your desire has showed up into physical form.


Step 2. Upgrade your mind

Are there any limiting beliefs that say you cannot have what you desire? Are there negative thoughts like I'm not good enough, I'm not worthy enough, I'm not smart enough, who am I to have this show up? Did feelings like fear show up? These are the things that have been holding you back from manifesting your desire, and its time to remove them now. In order to manifest your desire you must believe you're worthy of your desire. Find the exact steps HERE. The fastest way to crush those beliefs, blocks and perceived limitations is to override them by creating a belief that is empowering instead. Beliefs are just thoughts and you can choose to believe anything that you desire every day.


Step 3. Embody the version of yourself who already has the desire

By embodying the version of yourself who already has your desire you will speed up the manifestation process. When you're embodying the version of yourself who already has what you want, the desire has no choice but to manifest. Be the person now you already has your desire and already feels the feelings of having the desire.


Step 4. Take inspired action

After you have embodied the version of yourself who already has what you desire, the inspired action will come to you. It has to. You will find yourself receiving intuitive nudges of actions to take. Inspired action feels good and calm, and flows naturally and with ease. The action doesn’t need hard work. And you don’t need to hustle or grind. Trust your intuition and follow those sweet nudges all day long where you feel inspired to do something that would feel so good in that moment.


Step 5. Surrender to your desire

The final step in the manifestation process is to surrender to your desire. Believe that the Universe knows exactly what you desire and it will show up in your physical reality in divine timing. Get ready to receive your desire by letting go of any expectations for when, where and how it will show up. Your job right now is to embody that version of yourself who already has the desire on a daily basis and to stay open and receptive.







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