Quantum Leap Into Your Dream Reality With This Powerful Technique

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You’ve probably heard about how visualizing your desired outcomes will help you manifest them - that you need to see it in your imagination first before it can physically appear into your life - and how top athletes and sales people use visualization to achieve goals and get success. I’m here to tell you that it’s not enough to just sit and visualize what you want. In this blog post I’ll share with you what it truly takes to quantum leap.



What is a Quantum Leap?

A quantum leap implies a massive shift in one’s reality or a huge jump within a small amount of time, far beyond what logically would be considered possible. You cannot make sense of a quantum leap with your mind.




We have infinite possibilities of realities available to us at any given moment

Quantum leaping or quantum jumping is the idea that there are infinite timelines or parallell realities simultaneously happening in the quantum field and that you can jump between these timelines at any given moment. The idea of parallel worlds is that you’re living in one reality now and through quantum jumping you’re shifting from this reality to one that is aligned with your dreams. Even multiple versions of yourself already exist and there is a timeline where you’re already living your dream reality. The fact that you can think of your dream reality means that it already exists in a parallel reality.

The idea comes from quantum physics, which is the study of matter and energy at its most fundamental levels. Experiments done show that subatomic particles, which are the building blocks of everything in this world, are just vibrating energy consisting of 99.9% empty space, and they can be in multiple places simultaneously. This means that they merely exist as possibilities in the quantum field until someone observes them. It is only when they are observed that they exist in one specific location.



Everything Can Change in Just One Moment

At any given moment there is the potential for your very next moment to occur along the most probably path or completely change trajectory. It is your awareness, your consciousness, and your choices that alter the paths of your life.

Each time you make a new choice from a new vibration, you jump between the timelines. You may not notice any difference in your physical reality immediately or even for several days or months. As an example, if an airplane veers just one degree off its course, it’s already off by almost 100 feet after flying a mile. Just a small shift, or one degree alteration, can lead to dramatic changes in the end and determine whether you’re landing in Africa or Europe. Same goes for quantum leaping - the smallest change in your trajectory can lead to a huge different in the outcomes you achieve. Small choices daily accumulated over a longer period of time make a huge difference in where you’re headed.



Time is an Illusion

People often think that it’s time that separates the versions of yourself today between the version of yourself that lives your desired reality - but it’s actually simply energy. The energy becomes matched when you fully embody the version of yourself that is already living that reality.



The Moment You Embody a New Identity You Shift to a New Timeline

Realize that you have access to these other timelines and parallel realities at any given moment. You clinging onto your old identity is what is in the way of your quantum leap. Your identity determines so many things like your thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, expectations, actions, behaviors and how you respond to situations.


How to Quantum Leap?

Your subconscious mind is like a quantum supercomputer and it is aware of the many realities occurring simultaneously and it can guide you to the parallel world you desire - as long as your intentions are clear. In order to quantum leap you need to have a clear vision - you need to know what you want and why you want it.

A quantum leap happens when you’re able to fully embody the version of yourself that already lives your desired reality. When someone has a huge quantum leap and it looks like they have one success after another in a short period of time, they were able to fully embody that new version of the other timeline. So their reality shifts really quickly because they went fully there and their external world is just catching up with their internal world. In order to be able to fully embody the new version of you of the timeline you desire to be at, you need to figure out who the version of yourself that already is living that reality is. What is so amazing about this technique is that you get to choose your next level identity - you get to choose who you want to be.


Who is the version of yourself that is already living the reality you desire?



After you are clear on the new version of yourself, your job is to process your daily life through the lens of this new version. You will notice shifts that you can make today to move closer to fully embodying this version of you. It’s these small shifts in how you think, how you feel, how you’re being and your energy that lead to massive changes in the end. In order to quantum leap you need to be fully present in this moment and aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, because it’s shifting these that will move the film from one reality over to another reality more to your liking and closer to your dream parallel reality.

So before you make any decision, ask yourself: is this the decision that the version of myself who already is living my dream reality would make?

When you notice yourself worrying about something, ask yourself: would the version of myself who already is living my dream reality worry about this thing?

And so on.

You have to be present and alright in the now moment, because you cannot quantum leap if you feel resistance to the present moment. You have to feel grateful for your current circumstances. Believe that you have everything you need right now, in this present moment. Once you learn how to embody that new identity you become an energetic match to that desired reality and the physical world cannot help but to catch up with you. It is law of manifestation. It's not enough to just journal or visualize the new version of yourself. While these techniques can help to make a clear picture about what that new version of yourself looks like, it takes more than that. You need to actually take action from this new space and to be that version of yourself on a daily basis; walk, talk and breathe as her.









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